Daily DBT

Daily DBT - DBT based skills groups in the Atlanta area.


Read below for more information about how our program might be the right fit for you. 

Excellent Training - all of our group co-leaders are licensed clinical psychologists and have comprehensive DBT training as well as several years of experience running DBT based skills groups in a variety of settings. Each of our therapists has additional areas of expertise and proficiency working with complex mental health issues including: mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma, family systems and difficult interpersonal/attachment dynamics. Our broad level of training and expertise combined with specific DBT training gives us the ability to tailor skills to each client for maximum effectiveness. 

Work with your own therapist - upon joining one of our skills groups you can continue to work with your own individual therapist. We have a great respect for the number of talented therapists in Atlanta and the surrounding area and we want to honor both the relationship and the work you've done with that person. We regularly consult with individual therapists of group members in order to provide a true treatment team approach and ensure that we are collaborating effectively towards your progress.  (We don't require the individual therapist have DBT training, although some knowledge of DBT can be helpful.)

Learning at a higher level - one commonality among our group members is a high level of professional or academic achievement (or the potential for such). Most members tend to agree that they often look "great on the outside" but struggle with destructive behaviors in private or intense, chaotic emotions internally and could likely achieve much more with the right mental health treatment. If you're interested in learning more science behind the skills - essentially not just what to do but why it works - then our group could be a good fit for you.

Carefully crafted groups - we select members for each group with the intention of forming a group that is cohesive, balanced, able to learn the most from one another, and generally healthy in their interpersonal dynamics. It is critical to be able to genuinely connect with the other members of your group and feel like their perspective/advice is helpful and relevant. We accept a maximum of 8 members per group (with two psychologists leading the group) so that every person gets enough personal attention in each group.

*** In our teen groups this means that we only accept one student from each school (with a few rare exceptions). As a result, many parents find that their teen is more willing to join group when they don't have to worry about a classmate being in the group. Teens also are able to be more honest and open in group with the extra guarantee of confidentiality. 

Clear boundaries - we make significant efforts to make sure that our role as skill group leaders is clear and explain how that works in conjunction with your individual therapist and other treatment providers. When there are concerns about your work with other providers we help coach you in discussing those issues with those individuals yourself, rather than stepping in for you, which can often create confusion and discrepancies in treatment planning. Clear boundaries helps you know what to expect from us.