Daily DBT

Daily DBT - DBT based skills groups in the Atlanta area.



Keep reading for more information about what we teach with each set of Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills. 


MINDFULNESS. Participate with awareness - develop a solid internal sense of yourself - control your attention - make “wise” decisions - be fully present - slow down & take things in -  get a “pause” before acting  - Decrease patterns of judgment towards yourself and others

EMOTION REGULATION. Learn the process of how emotions work - Determine what you are feeling more clearly - Understand the purpose of your emotions - Discern whether or not your emotions fit the present situation - Learn to turn down the volume on emotions when needed - Increase positive emotions - Be emotionally resilient

DISTRESS TOLERANCE. Manage crises effectively - Use distractions - Self-soothe & relax - Increase your ability to deal with negative emotions - Accept reality as it is - Stop suffering - Create a life worth living

INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS. Get what you want - Keep or develop positive relationships - Improve self-respect - Determine the right intensity when asking / saying no - Create healthy boundaries - End destructive relationships.

MIDDLE PATH. Be balanced - Recognize multiple points of view in a situation - Learn to effectively compromise  - Validate yourself and others - Get others to change - Create change in yourself - End black and white thinking or All or none behaviors