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Daily DBT - DBT based skills groups in the Atlanta area.

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We offer a wide range of skills training groups based on the core concepts of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  Read below for more information about current group days & times, group structure & format, and general requirements.

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Young Adult & Adult Group Times

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Adult Group Structure - Adult DBT skills are taught in three 14-week modules. Each module begins with two sessions of mindfulness skills, includes one or two sessions of dialectics skills, teaches the core content (either interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, or distress tolerance) for ten weeks and concludes with two review sessions where group leaders help members consider how to use all of the skills taught in a more seamless way. Group members typically report that the review sessions are extremely effective in helping them generalize all of the skills in a flexible way into their daily lives. 

Learning all of the skills requires attending all three modules; however, group members are only asked to commit to one module at a time. At the end of each module members can decide whether or not they would like to continue with the next.

Teen Group Structure - Teen DBT skills are taught in two 16 week modules that coordinate with the fall and spring school semesters. Each module begins with two sessions of mindfulness and then covers two core skill areas (middle path, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and/or distress tolerance). There is an optional one week review session for teens. 

Learning all of the skills requires attending both semesters; however, group members are only asked to commit to one semester/module at a time. 

Teen Parent Workshops -  Optional parent workshop cover each of the skill sections that the teens are learning as well as additional related information to help parents understand their teen teen better and develop more effective management strategies as a family. This is also an opportunity for parents to gain support, encouragement and learning from other parents struggling with similar behavioral and emotional patterns with their teens.

Group Format - All groups run for an hour and a half (middle school group runs for 1 hour). Group begins with brief checkins by group members and a brief exercise to help members practice their mindfulness skills. The first half of group typically includes reviewing the homework assignment from the previous week.  It's important to us to choose group members who are motivated to complete homework each week - this allows group members to hear how others are using the skill, gather feedback, and get trouble shooting from group co-leaders (all of which are hugely important for using the skills effectively in the "real world"). The second half of group focuses on teaching the new set of skills. 

Homework - A very brief homework assignment (no  more than 5-10 minutes per day) is given for each group. These assignments focus on helping members practice the skills between groups to get a better idea of what is working and what needs to be adjusted for maximum skill effectiveness. 


Individual therapy is a requirement of group enrollment.